an it site were the language is business...


IT and business are one of those odd couples we all know from our personal lives. They seem to work very well together; but tend to use a lot of time in couple’s therapy, where every single “therapy expert” seems to have an opinion on how to make their life together more easy and fruitful.

As I see it the biggest problem, we face when trying to align IT and business, is the fact that the IT-solutions are created by techies and that the problems and challenges are created by the business and the non-IT professionals that are just trying to get their job done... This will inevitably result in a lack of common standards to measure results against. I believe it is a mutual responsibility for both sides to get their communication acts together. Unless we really want to throw precious resources - time and money - down a deep deep abyss from where they will never return...

On this site I wish to discuss and bring these matters to the frontline - through my experience with the IT-world I have seen many product vendors trying like mad to get their message through to organisations/customers and not understanding why things aren’t just picked up immediately. And on the other “customer” side the of the fence they just can’t understand way the IT crowd keeps throwing three letter abbreviations at them.

So let the games and the translation begin...


Welcome to - glad you could make “iT”

And why in English and not my native language Danish...?

I guess I would like to be able to interact not only with my fellow Danes - but also with other nationalities. IT and business both are without a doubt very global matters :-)

And why “Pangaea”...?

The term originates from the naming of the original “super” continent that existed on Earth before the continents as we known them today were created by continental drift. I find the name very appropriate for discussing how IT and business could co-exist if it were as a “super” continent instead of the detached state of matters today.

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